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Video production is a hassle but also a great piece of media for your marketing. Quality and professionalism are key and we provide nothing less.

Video media is a great highlight on all of your digital platforms. Introduce yourself to viewers so they get a glimpse of what you're like or promote your company in a funny scripted video. Video provides lots of options to promote and present yourself/product/service/topic and QUALITY videos increase your production value.


What we can do to help? We're filmmakers by trade with lots of production and on set experience. 


Video is utilized by many marketing campaigns as high-value promotional media.


For more information about our specialties in video production and entertainment video, please visit us our sister company;

Camera Slinger Productions at

Commercial, Infomercial

Professional, informative, appealing, entertaining - we customize a commercial that would do well for your target segments.

Industrial, Corporate

Video for internal operations such as welcoming package or introduction, standard operating procedures overview, training, etc.

Educational, Community


For education services, supporting lessons or paired to the narrative, informative and appealing.


An entertaining video that promotes your brand. Think of Geico commercials - witty or creative narrative-based. Or increase the production value and spice of the magic with special and visual effects for an unforgettable experience.

Whiteboard Explainer

Informative and engaging. Show more visually to pair with your message than standard video and appeal to people on the go. These videos will stay in your customer's minds.


Creative, entertaining video to enhance your message's content or appeal to specific target markets. Fun and feel-good videos to stay in the minds of your customers. With animations, the possibilities are endless.

Clips & GIFS

Short video clips and graphics interchange format clips to catch the attention of audiences with moving media. Perfect for web and social media campaigns and make a great addition to your website.


Interviews can be a great way to answer the questions you receive from customers around the web and in general. You have the opportunity to ask controlled questions with rehearsed answers to address relevant topics of your choosing.