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Word of mouth marketing is usually the most effective kind - influencers fuel word of mouth marketing and greatly improve visibility.


Influencers work just as the name suggests - people who promote or give a shout out to your brand to influence their followers to learn about you. This is word of mouth marketing which is generally considered the best kind of marketing - if someone you know and trust recommends something to you, you're more likely to try it. Influencers will have thousands of followers so your marketing is sure to reach masses. Strategic partnerships can impact visibility in a big way.


What we can do to help you? We research who your brand could be promoted by most effectively and strike the deal. 


Influencers promote many company products and services or organizations through their own channels and platforms tapping into untapped market segements.

Influencer Research

We determine the best options for influencer relations, relevant to whom you are trying to reach and their relevance to you.

Liaison & Contracts

We reach out to them and strike the deals, then monitor the partnership.

Provided Materials

We ensure they have everything they need to provide their best promotion of your brand.

Promotional Media

We handle the logistic of utilizing them in your own marketing media.