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Attention Grabber

Sign dancers, cardboard cutouts, inflatables, air blowers, decorations, banners flown behind a plane, vehicle wraps, and more.


Creative and sometimes pioneering ways to market your business. Think a person in a chicken suit waving a sign in front of your business, but bigger and better.


Guerrilla marketing tactics can range from practical such as passing out flyers on the street to less standard and ingenuitive such as an airplane pulling a banner or a flash mob. It can often be untraditional means of promoting your brand but effective none the less. These methods turn heads and often end up in viral videos, increasing visibility drastically. Here's a video example of great guerrilla marketing: 


What we can do to help you? Creativity is the key here and its what we do best. We brainstorm new or altered ideas that would work well with your brand and execute quality production. 

Guerrilla marketing tactics are utilized by anyone looking to bring some extra attention to their brand with creative marketing.


A high-quality production or live production to create buzz, viral videos, publicity, and attention to your brand.

Storefront & Display

Artistic merchandising and in-store attention grabbers, decorations, scene dressing and more.

Ground Promoters

Direct promoters, handing out flyers, placing business cards, verbal promoters, etc.

Exhibits & Constructions

Parade floats, art pieces and high art, statues or constructions and more.


Musical performances, street performances, flash mobs, artistic performances and more.


Publicity stunts that create buzz, viral videos, and get people talking about your brand.



The creative possibilities are endless!