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Marketing media and marketing of the brand should be strategically planned and executed in a recurring fashion to have the biggest impact. 


Marketing is most effective when it is strategically consistent and seen throughout the year. Think Coca Cola - their brand is stamped everywhere and constantly in the minds of consumers, compelling them to consume. Timing and strategic planning of release of content can have a big impact on who it reaches or how effective it is. When it's hot outside a local auto shop may suggest you bring your car into their shop to ensure the ac is working it best - when it's cold, suggest bringing it in to fix the heat. Consistency keeps your brand in their mind when they have a need for the services you provide. 


And it doesn't stop there. Consistent visibility for your company builds community trust and brand ethos. Think lawyer firms. We see so and so's name around town on billboards frequently so when we get into an accident we know whom to call. We don't remember the guy who advertised just two weeks at the beginning of the year. What we can do to help you? We're all very good chess players - strategy is what we know and practice. We start with a foundation of knowledge and research, then build a plan customized to your brand.


Campaigns are utilized by many organizations as a smarter way to execute marketing operations. 


Creation & mastering, providing updates and new content for your website and social media. SEO and listings on relevant business pages.

Local Community

Connecting with your local community and increasing visibility to bring you more business.


Video, audio, print media to be placed in relevant ad slots via media buying. New content keeps your target markets focused on your brand.

Reaching New Segments

Strategically reaching new market segments and customers through research, planning, and execution or marketing operations targeting them. 


Reaching out to customers who have previously done business with you and keeping in touch with them.

Sales Strategies

Strategic sales planning to bring in more business during critical times.